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Ellen Zhou

Candidate for Mayor of San Francisco 2019

Solutions to Reform San Francisco:

  • Restore a Republic Form of Government

  • Support Free Speech to Protect America

  • Support Property Rights to Help Residents

  • Cut Unfair Taxes to Reward Hardworking Families

  • Support the United States Constitution
Experience Counts! - Background:

  • Master of Social Work

  • 49 years old, married with two college children

  • 33 years, San Francisco Resident

  • 23 years, Sunday School Teacher

  • 22 years, Family Social Worker

  • 13 years, Public Health Worker for Public Health

  • 12 years, SEIU1021 Union Steward for San Francisco government employees

  • 2 terms, member of San Francisco Civil Grand Jury 2014/2015 and 2016/2017

  • One term, Pedestrian Safety Advisor Committee member as appointed by Former Supervisor David Campos (2016/2017)

  • 5 years, Neighborhood Emergency Response Team member (NERT), SF Fire Department

  • 13 years, working with the police to fight crimes, graduated from the Community Police Academy 2006

  • 25 years, Community Activist. Educate people their rights and empower them to stand up for their constitutional rights and civil rights

  • Since July 2018, serve as Director of Public Relations for California Civil Grand Juror Association, San Francisco Chapter

  • June 2018 special election, SF mayoral candidate

  • Member of Morse Lodge 257

  • Member of San Francisco Republican Women Federated

  • Member of Asian Pacific Islander Social Worker Council

  • Member of Coalition of Asian American Government Employees

  • Member of San Francisco Evangelical Free Church
Ellen Zhou for SF Mayor on the Web
[ ] - [ Ellen Zhou for Mayor Facebook Page ]


Paul Taylor

GSC Founder & Former Candidate for US Senate (CA)

With love for God, family and country Paul Taylor is applying deep business knowledge to lead the Golden State Coalition. Paul will restore good governance to California & the Nation, by supporting President Trump, to win back the freedom of a limited government, Constitutional Republic under God in America. His focus is simple - jobs & freedom for hardworking, liberty loving Americans.
Paul Taylor for California on the Web
[ ] - [ Paul Taylor Facebook Page ]

Benito Bernal

Former Candidate for US House of Representatives (CA 29th District)

Benito “Benny” Bernal was born the youngest in a Los Angeles family of twelve, to parents Benito & Victoria. His grandfather Carmen fought alongside Mexican President Benito Juarez for Mexican Independence. Leaving a malfeasant Democrat Party eighteen years ago, Benny
is a deeply principled Christian man, working to Preserve our Middle Class as the Engine of
our Economy, Protect American Values and in service to our community and to our Lord.

Benito Bernal for US Congress on the Web
[ ] - [ Benito Bernal Facebook Page ]

Marla Livengood

Former Candidate for US House of Representatives (CA 9th District)

Raised on her family's farm in Collegeville, Marla Livengood personally knows the hard work
and dedication of Valley Farmers and those that support the 9th Congressional District’s multi-billion-dollar Agriculture Industry. As a graduate of CSU Fresno with a Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Economics, Marla has spent most of her career ensuring farmers are
not forgotten in Washington, DC or Sacramento. She currently serves as Regulatory Affairs Manager for the California Strawberry Commission where she represents farmers, processors and shippers of California’s strawberry industry. Her focus is ensuring farmers have access to crop protection tools, water and labor needed to produce healthy fruit that ultimately contributes over $3 billion to rural economies.

Marla Livengood for US Congress on the Web
[ ] - [ Marla Livengood Facebook Page ]

Edwin Duterte

Former Candidate for US House of Representatives (CA 43rd District)

Edwin Duterte is a focused Real Estate Entrepreneur and Pro-Life, Godly Conservative who supports the right solutions for our Health Care, Veterans, Immigration, National Debt and Jobs. He is uncompromising on our Second Amendment. Under Edwin’s leadership, Congress will support President Trump’s sensible Regulation Reform to Help Business Thrive. Edwin will ensure high wage jobs through entrepreneurial collaboration with education centers.
Edwin Duterte for California on the Web
- [ Edwin Duterte Facebook Page ]

Jazmina Saavedra

Former Candidate for US House of Representatives (CA 44th District)

Jazmina Saavedra escaped the Communist Sandinista Government of Nicaragua to become
a US Citizen as a child. A Godly Christian woman, Jazmina believes that people deserve a Representative who will reach out to them directly, focusing on Jobs, Stopping Crime, Empowering Families, and Honoring Veterans. Jazmina will recover the Principles of the American Founders and support those who Honor their Oath to Defend the Constitution and
the Sanctity of Life.

Jazmina Saavedra for California on the Web
[ ] - [ Jazmina Saavedra Facebook Page ]


Travis Allen

Former Candidate for Governor of California

Travis Allen was elected in 2012 and represents the 72nd District of the California State Assembly. Travis fights for lower taxes, safer communities, better roads and better schools. As Governor, working together, California will once again be a Golden State with great schools, safe neighborhoods and thriving businesses & communities where hard working, Godly families live & prosper.
Travis Allen for California on the Web
[ ] - [ Travis Allen Facebook Page ]

David Hernandez

Former Candidate for Lt. Governor of California

David Hernandez is an American & US Navy Veteran sworn to honor & defend God given Constitutional Rights of United States Citizens. As a Californian, David likewise pledges to honor & defend California’s State Constitution. David is a Christian Conservative who fights
all attempts to limit free expression of his faith. David supports Free Enterprise and opposes
all taxes, fees and regulations which hinder its practice.

David Hernandez for California on the Web
[ ] - [ David Hernandez Facebook Page ]

Judge Steven Bailey

Former Candidate for California Attorney General

Steven Bailey knows the law and its true impact on families. As a Judge of the Superior Court of California, he adjudicated law according to our California State Constitution & US Constitution - not based on political whim. Law Enforcement endorses Steven because he stands for Public Safety & Rule of Law. A Godly Christian man, Judge Bailey is committed to protecting California families.

ARTICLE: California Attorney General Candidate Bailey Vows to Take On Violent Crime
By Nathan Su, Epoch Times, September 25, 2018
Violent crimes in California have risen by more than 15 percent in the past four years,
faulty legislation is to blame, according to retired Judge Steven Bailey...

Steven Bailey for California Attorney General on the Web
[ ] - [ Steven Bailey Facebook Page ]

Mark Meuser

Former Candidate for California Secretary of State

Growing up a Californian, Christian Constitutional Attorney Mark Meuser was often reminded California is the most innovative State - in the most innovative Country - of the entire world. Now California’s State Government is crippled by antiquated systems - unable to handle Californians’ needs. With new technology, Mark will return efficient elections & good governance to our Golden State.
Mark Meuser for California Secretary of State on the Web
[ ] - [ Mark Meuser Facebook Page ]

Konstantinos Roditis

Former Candidate for California Controller

Having experienced government corruption firsthand as an immigrant businessman has never wavered my love for America and the principles America and California stands for. Having immigrated from Canada to America as a child with my Greek-born parents, we sought a better life and the American Dream. They instilled a love for this country and what she stands for, even after we had government officials tell my parents to go back to Greece. We are a People with a government and not a Government with a people. Government is there to serve and protect us not the powerful and special interest groups. My love for this country and my experience of government corruption has guided me in strongly advocating for government reform and transparency, and thus, I have authored numerous pieces on how to make government
work for you and not the corrupt political machine. I believe we can make government
work for us once again and that is why I want to serve as your next State Controller.

Konstantinos Roditis for California Controller on the Web
[ ] - [ Konstantinos Roditis Facebook Page ]

Burton Brink

Former Candidate for California State Assembly 49th District

Burton Brink has over 30 years of law enforcement experience. Endorsed by his peers, his Christian faith guides his public service. Burton works for our safety, small government, low taxes, improved roads, education, and returning common sense to California governance. Burton helps hard working Californians - putting veterans and children first. Burton Brink
pledges to honor and defend the California State and US Constitutions under God.

Burton Brink for California State Assembly on the Web
[ ] - [ Burton Brink Facebook Page ]

Ricardo Benitez

Former Candidate for California State Assembly 39th District

Ricardo Benitez is a Conservative Republican, an Immigrant from El Salvador, a United States Citizen and long-time resident of the 39th Assembly District residing in Sylmar. He knows more than most, the value of the freedoms we enjoy. He is running for office because he aspires to uphold our Constitution which he feels that our nation has gotten away from it legislatively. He is a local business owner and advocate for issues and policies that allow for self-sufficiency and will help the community flourish. He has been a longtime activist fighting for lower taxes, less crime (He fights Sanctuary State legislation), education reform, affordable housing, and also repairing our infrastructure. He is concerned that Californians are compromising our moral values and principals. He is the candidate that will vote for bills that will enforce the values spelled out in the Constitution by our founding fathers. He wants to help bring our State back
and make it “Golden” again.

Ricardo Benitez for California State Assembly on the Web
[ ] - [ Ricardo Benitez Facebook Page ]

Dr. Wiley S. Drake

Chaplain, Golden State Coalition

Dr. Wiley S. Drake is a California-based minister and radio host. He was the vice-presidential candidate for the American Independent Party ticket in California in 2008. Dr. Drake has been named the official personality of The Baptist Review, an online forum and blog on facebook. He is the pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church of Buena Park in Buena Park, California.
Dr. Wiley Drake on the Web
[ ] - [ The Wiley Drake Show on UStream ]

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